florence millelire

Florence Millelire

Attorney at Law

Presentation of the Firm

It has been nearly 20 years since I took the oath as a lawyer, including13 years of partnership in my own structure. I started my working experience in New York (USA) within a Firm specialized in Family law and notably in the international child abduction. Since I have returned to France I have dedicated my practice to the Family law.

Thanks to my skills in English and Spanish language, I can handle with cases of both French and international clients, including specificities of procedure which I fully master.
Given the delicate and sensitive aspects of cases in Family law, my Firm also renders services such as alternative resolutions of disputes, which may often reveals to be faster, including notably mediation or collaborative law.
I am a member of the Parisian Bureau of Minors’Defense. As such, I assist children who may be heard by the Family Judge during the process of their parents’ separation. I also assist minors in front of the Judge within a context of educational assistance or penal affairs.
My Firm is backed by a full network of qualified professionals, including child psychiatrists, psychologists, solicitors, foreign correspondents. My clients can thus be assisted by specialists during all the different stages of their cases.

Fields of intervention

The activity of the Office practices mainly in Family law.

The Firm handles all the family disputes, the divorce proceedings, the separation, the allowance, the parental rights, the residence of the child, visitation rights, contribution to the maintenance and to the education of the children, the filiation, the adoption.

To obtain a favorable and well-balanced decision, and so to avoid any dispute post-divorces, it is necessary to be accompanied by a professional of Family law.

If the divorces and the separations multiply, every case remains a unique event, all these consequences of which will be settled in the respect for the interests of each of the members of the couple and for the children.

Temporary measures during the procedure:

  • Allowance in conformance with the duty of assistance (Devoir de secours)
  • Management of the properties
  • Reserve for administrative proceedings expenses
  • Use of the properties
  • Advance on community
  • Expert evaluation

The consequences of the divorce:

  • Name
  • Lump sum
  • Damages
  • Donations and marital advantages
  • Share of the assets (Liquidation of the marital status)

The children and the separation:

  • Parental rights
  • Hearing of the child Member of the Office of Defense of the Minors of the Paris Bar, I assist the children during their hearing.
  • Residence of the child: usual residence and alternated residence
  • Visitation Rights
  • Grandparents’s visitation Rights
  • International child abduction by the other parent
  • Contribution to the maintenance and to the education of the children
  • Medical psychiatric Expertise
  • Social Investigation

Civil status and filiation

  • Change of name
  • Change of first name
  • Change of sex
  • Action in contesting of the link of filiation
  • Action in establishment and in search for link of filiation

The firm also intervenes in disputes relative to the regulation of proprietary interests: Share of the assets, Successions.

The liquidation of the marital status

The firm assists and accompanies the Clients in the process of sharing of the marital status during or after the proceedings of the divorce in the purpose to avoid so any dispute post-divorce.

The firm also intervenes in criminal family law:

  • Child abduction
  • No payment of alimony


Fees compensate for services provided by the Firm to study and manage the Client’s case. Fees notably cover writings of pleading, mail exchanges, negotiation meetings, travel expenses, the plea itself and any other services rendered to the Client.
Fees do not cover legal costs (stamp duties and outlays) as well as bailiffs’ fees. Translation costs remain at Client’s charge.
A Fee Agreement (Convention d’honoraires) is provided to each Client at the end of the first meeting. It includes the nature of the mission entrusted to the Lawyer and the description of the compensation mechanism in accordance with the Law and usual practices:

-  Due diligence fees are calculated according to an hourly rate.
-  In application of the last paragraph of the article 10 of the law of December 31st, 1971 (modified by the law of July 10th, 1991), additional fees could be set up according to obtained pecuniary results or to effective savings.
- Fixed fees can however be envisaged and practiced.

The first meeting, as well as the preliminary analysis of the case (issues at stake), are chargeable.

Dispute resolutions

Trained in the United States as a lawyer- mediator, I have experienced this method of solving conflicts as an additional tool in a context of marital crisis.
Thanks to a neutral third party, mediation helps retying communication links between parties by addressing obstacles that have previously prevented from solving the conflict. Solutions are found and implemented by the conflicting parties themselves, by means of a mediator specially trained in this method.
It ideally applies to situations which have appeared until then, very difficult to tackle. The agreement reached through this method puts an end to a legal dispute that may otherwise be long, expensive and painful.
Over years, I have accompanied numerous clients through this process, in a national or international context.
Collaborative Law (involving parties and their respective lawyers) is also another tool used by my Firm.

Address and Contact

Me Millelire Florence
8 rue Joseph Bara
75006 Paris