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mercredi 7 août 2013, par casp

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Fees compensate for services provided by the Firm to study and manage the Client’s case. Fees notably cover writings of pleading, mail exchanges, negotiation meetings, travel expenses, the plea itself and any other services rendered to the Client.
Fees do not cover legal costs (stamp duties and outlays) as well as bailiffs’ fees. Translation costs remain at Client’s charge.
A Fee Agreement (Convention d’honoraires) is provided to each Client at the end of the first meeting. It includes the nature of the mission entrusted to the Lawyer and the description of the compensation mechanism in accordance with the Law and usual practices :

-  Due diligence fees are calculated according to an hourly rate.
-  In application of the last paragraph of the article 10 of the law of December 31st, 1971 (modified by the law of July 10th, 1991), additional fees could be set up according to obtained pecuniary results or to effective savings.
- Fixed fees can however be envisaged and practiced.

The first meeting, as well as the preliminary analysis of the case (issues at stake), are chargeable.