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Fields of intervention

mercredi 7 août 2013, par casp

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The activity of the Office practices mainly in Family law.

The Firm handles all the family disputes, the divorce proceedings, the separation, the allowance, the parental rights, the residence of the child, visitation rights, contribution to the maintenance and to the education of the children, the filiation, the adoption.

To obtain a favorable and well-balanced decision, and so to avoid any dispute post-divorces, it is necessary to be accompanied by a professional of Family law.

If the divorces and the separations multiply, every case remains a unique event, all these consequences of which will be settled in the respect for the interests of each of the members of the couple and for the children.

Temporary measures during the procedure :

  • Allowance in conformance with the duty of assistance (Devoir de secours)
  • Management of the properties
  • Reserve for administrative proceedings expenses
  • Use of the properties
  • Advance on community
  • Expert evaluation

The consequences of the divorce :

  • Name
  • Lump sum
  • Damages
  • Donations and marital advantages
  • Share of the assets (Liquidation of the marital status)

The children and the separation :

  • Parental rights
  • Hearing of the child Member of the Office of Defense of the Minors of the Paris Bar, I assist the children during their hearing.
  • Residence of the child : usual residence and alternated residence
  • Visitation Rights
  • Grandparents’s visitation Rights
  • International child abduction by the other parent
  • Contribution to the maintenance and to the education of the children
  • Medical psychiatric Expertise
  • Social Investigation

Civil status and filiation

  • Change of name
  • Change of first name
  • Change of sex
  • Action in contesting of the link of filiation
  • Action in establishment and in search for link of filiation

The firm also intervenes in disputes relative to the regulation of proprietary interests : Share of the assets, Successions.

The liquidation of the marital status

The firm assists and accompanies the Clients in the process of sharing of the marital status during or after the proceedings of the divorce in the purpose to avoid so any dispute post-divorce.

The firm also intervenes in criminal family law :

  • Child abduction
  • No payment of alimony