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Presentation of the Firm

mercredi 7 août 2013, par casp

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It has been nearly 20 years since I took the oath as a lawyer, including13 years of partnership in my own structure. I started my working experience in New York (USA) within a Firm specialized in Family law and notably in the international child abduction. Since I have returned to France I have dedicated my practice to the Family law.

Thanks to my skills in English and Spanish language, I can handle with cases of both French and international clients, including specificities of procedure which I fully master.
Given the delicate and sensitive aspects of cases in Family law, my Firm also renders services such as alternative resolutions of disputes, which may often reveals to be faster, including notably mediation or collaborative law.
I am a member of the Parisian Bureau of Minors’Defense. As such, I assist children who may be heard by the Family Judge during the process of their parents’ separation. I also assist minors in front of the Judge within a context of educational assistance or penal affairs.
My Firm is backed by a full network of qualified professionals, including child psychiatrists, psychologists, solicitors, foreign correspondents. My clients can thus be assisted by specialists during all the different stages of their cases.